What Type of Guarantee Should You Expect With Your Cabinets?

When having your new kitchen fitted with NY kitchen cabinets, it’s always recommended that you check the guarantee than comes with all materials used, and any warranty you may be entitled to. Usually, fitting kitchen cabinets is fairly straightforward and there’s very little that can go wrong, but it gives peace of mind knowing that a warranty is in place that covers your kitchen cabinets.

Typically when you buy your ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets, they will be covered by a guarantee of five years. If something were to go wrong with the cabinets in that time, they can either be repaired or replaced depending on the type of problem. For example, if there were a problem with a cabinet door, then it’s likely you could have a new door or set of hinges under the warranty, but if there were an underlying problem with the actual cabinet itself, then you could have the entire cabinet replaced.

The reason a five year guarantee is supplied with most NY kitchen cabinets is because they are made from high quality materials, and are so easy to assemble, there really is very little that can go wrong. This applies regardless of what type of wood you decide to use in your kitchen. It also applies to all of your kitchen cabinets, whether they are base units or wall units, or even accessory items.

The only exclusions to a kitchen cabinet warranty are if you decide to use the cabinets for a purpose that wasn’t intended.  Obviously any guarantee or warranty you may receive with your NY kitchen cabinets will not cover cabinets that have been misused or abused in any way, or if they haven’t been installed correctly as recommended in the instructions.

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Value vs Quality with NY Kitchen Cabinets

If you live in New York and considering a kitchen remodel, one thing you will need to make a decision on is kitchen cabinets. NY kitchen cabinets can be quite expensive, especially if you are getting them custom designed and installed. Though you probably think because of the high price that custom cabinets are the highest quality, you may be surprised to find out that is not always the case. It is certainly possible to get cabinets that give a great value, but are still high quality.

When thinking about value and quality, you will often find that NY kitchen cabinets for sale at stores, though the value may be there, the quality is surely lacking. For instance, many inexpensive cabinets are not made of pure hardwood. Many are made of plywood or particleboard and have a thin panel glued to the front of the cabinet surface, for instance. Plywood is definitely not the strongest or most durable wood and will not compare in quality to solid oak or maple wood cabinets.

Of all the cabinets on the market, the one way to find both value and quality is to purchase ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are made of real wood such as oak and maple, but since they are not yet assembled, have exceptional value attached to them. They are easy to assemble and install and are usually available immediately. You can order online for even more added value. Many times, the ready to assemble options are made of the same kinds of wood that custom cabinets are made of, but at a much cheaper price.

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Alternative Design for Kitchen Cabinets

When you live in New York and think about kitchen cabinets, you probably think of the structures that hold your pots, pans, dishes and even food. Usually they are either above your countertops or below. Sometimes though, your NY kitchen cabinets can be used for other purposes. With just a bit of creativity, you will find many uses for kitchen cabinets besides holding dishes.

One way you can use your NY kitchen cabinets is to convert one or two of them into a book case. If you have a lot of cookbooks, for instance, placing one in your kitchen at the end of your countertops or island is an excellent and convenient place to have a book case. One of the best ways to do this is to take a ready to assemble cabinet that is approximately the same size as your other cabinets or island. Simply assemble it, but don’t put the doors on if you want the book case to remain open. You may need to build a support platform as most ready to assemble cabinets do not have a great bottom to stand on.

Another way to use kitchen cabinets is to set up a coat rack with added storage. In this case, you probably will not even use the cabinets in the kitchen. Using several sizes of cabinets together, building a flat platform and buying coat hooks to attach to that platform can easily make a versatile and beautiful addition to your home. As you can see, cabinets are no longer confined to the kitchen.

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Doors Can Make a Difference with NY Kitchen Cabinets

When looking for new kitchen cabinets, did you know that the door can make s difference in quality? It certainly can make a difference and knowing a bit more about doors on NY kitchen cabinets can really help you understand why. Additionally, you will find out which door type might be the best for your situation.

Solid wood NY kitchen cabinets and doors are just as they sound, an actual carved piece of solid wood. Depending on the type of cabinet, in almost all cases the door will be the same wood. For instance, if you have solid oak cabinets, you will have a solid wood door. These solid wood doors are the most durable and offer the greatest strength. You can see the natural grain of the wood and these have the most longevity.

Plywood cabinet doors are not as durable as a solid wood cabinet, but they are still made of wood. The plywood cabinets will lack the look of natural wood unless they are veneered with a fake panel. They will last awhile and are stronger than other options, but they will always be flat and cannot be carved.

Melamine cabinet doors are the cheapest ones, but also the least durable. They are actually laminate covered boards known as particle boards or fiber boards. They are low quality and are easily damaged. It is possible that the laminate or covering will peel with excess heat, so having these by an oven is never a good idea unless it is a temporary situation.

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Choosing Wooden NY Kitchen Cabinets

If you live in New York and are considering remodeling your kitchen, the cabinet type you choose may weigh on your mind. It can be a difficult decision sometimes, especially since there are different kinds of materials you can choose to have your NY kitchen cabinets made of. One of the most popular and versatile materials to make cabinets from is wood. There are many great benefits to choosing wood over another material and the more you find out about wood NY kitchen cabinets, the more convinced you will be.

Wood cabinets are extremely traditional and many people love that aspect about them. They are also long lasting cabinets. Wood is very strong and no matter what type of countertop you choose, wood will be able to hold it, even heavy, bulky granite can be held up easily by quality wood NY kitchen cabinets.

Another great aspect and benefit of wood kitchen cabinets is they can be repaired with relative ease. Small scratches, nicks and dents can be sanded out, and refinishing. You likely will never even know that your wooden kitchen cabinets were ever damaged in the first place.  Speaking of refinishing, with a wooden cabinet, you always have the versatility to change the color of the cabinet. They can be painted or stained with ease.

Oak, maple and hickory are the most common types of wooden cabinets, but whatever type you choose, you should know you are getting a great product that can last a lifetime.

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Painting NY Kitchen Cabinets

Sometimes when you kitchen needs a makeover, you may only have a limited budget in order to get new cabinets. One easy thing to do is to get new cabinets on the top or bottom of your kitchen and to simply paint the other half. For instance, if you live in New York, you will have access to excellent resources for ready to assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets. You can even buy them online. When you choose brand new NY kitchen cabinets for the lower half of your kitchen, such as under the countertop, you can paint the upper cabinets that are already installed.

One hint that you can use in order to open your kitchen up and make it a bit more cheerful is to use lighter colors. Choosing a light wood color and or paint will make your kitchen look larger. Begin by taking your old kitchen cabinets down and sanding all the areas where you see dings or marks. Prime the wood with wood primer. Once dry, sand it down a bit, and further smoothing the surface making it ready for paint.

Once the NY kitchen cabinets are sanded and primed, you will be able to begin painting them in the color of your choice. You can use a normal paintbrush, but with cabinets that have decorative bevels, for instance, a spray on paint gun may be a better option. When the freshly painted NY kitchen cabinets are totally dry, only then should you reattach them to the wall.

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NY Kitchen Cabinets that are Ready to Assemble

If you live in New York and are looking for kitchen cabinets, one option you have is the “ready to assemble” type, also known as RTA. NY kitchen cabinets are sold in a variety of types, but with added convenience and a cheaper price, RTA NY kitchen cabinets may be the best choice for you.

You can buy RTA anywhere in NY. Kitchen cabinets are usually sold in the ready to assemble variety in home improvement stores, at warehouse stores and even online, which can actually save you the most money. When you buy RTA cabinets online, you are able to cut down on cabinet cost and still get the same cabinets you can get at any store.  If you are worried about buying cabinets online, many online stores will have a sample available for you so you can see how the cabinet type will fit into your home. If you have a sample you will be able to decide if you like the color, for instance, before making the actual purchase.

RTA cabinets are simple to purchase as long as you measure the area correctly. Since they are all standard sizes, you won’t have to worry about odd sizes. On the flip side, however, if you have odd spaces in your NY kitchen, cabinets that are RTA may not be the best choice for you. If you have doubts about space in your kitchen, you may want to have a professional come in and measure and give you an opinion on if they will work for you.

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NY Kitchen Cabinets – Caring for Oak or Maple

If you live in New York and are looking for the best way to care for oak or maple kitchen cabinets, you have come to the right place. You have likely made a large monetary investment in your NY kitchen cabinets and you want to make sure you are making them last for as long as possible. Correct care of oak and maple can help them last for many years, extending their overall value.

General dusting and cleaning should be done regularly. Dusting will simply consist of a soft dust rag and mild cleaners if necessary. Simple water or dusting spray can also be used. For actual cabinet cleaning, a good over the counter wood cleaner is probably your best option. You can buy them at any store that sells cleaning products. You should wash your cabinets once or twice a year as needed. If they are located near the stove, you may have to do it more often.

You should polish your cabinets if possible after doing a cleaning, again, once or twice per year for best results. A light coating of wood furniture polish is all you will need in most cases to make your oak or maple NY kitchen cabinets look fantastic.

Finally, you should know that you can never use steel wool, detergents, soap pads or any cleaner that contains silicone. All of the above can ruin your cabinets permanently. For small scratches in the wood, you may be able to use a light sand paper then refinish that area, but deeper scratches will not be reparable.

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NY Kitchen Cabinets – Materials

When you have made the decision to remodel your kitchen in New York, you are probably thinking of updating your cabinets. One of the decisions that must be made for NY kitchen cabinets is the material the cabinets should be made of. Though there are other materials, wood is still the most common and ideal for cabinets. Just because you have chosen wood, doesn’t mean there isn’t still a decision to make. There are many types of wood that can be used to create NY kitchen cabinets.

If you are looking for a budget material, you should try birch, pine, or maple kitchen cabinets. Birch is usually the cheapest cabinet making material. It is usually used in stock cabinets and is quite pale in color. It can be stained, but it is porous, so any stain may soak in unevenly. Pine may be a bit more expensive than birch but is not as porous. It accepts stain well, but has a more rustic look than other woods due to the knots in the wood.

For a mid priced option for your NY kitchen cabinets, consider maple or oak. Both of them are quite popular and you will find any cabinet making company in New York will have these as an option. Maple is smooth and accepts stains very well. You can make it match any kitchen design. Oak will be the choice if you are looking for durability and tradition. It can be made to look very smooth or quite grained.

The expensive options include ebony and walnut. Both are very dark woods. Ebony has a noticeable grain and a very exotic look. Walnut is also dark and usually only available through custom cabinet makers.

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New York Kitchen Cabinets- Don’t Over Pay on Your Kitchen

Everyone knows that it can be very expensive to live in New York.  Especially in New York City.  Cost of living is higher, cost of renovations is higher, and even the building materials can be more expensive.  Kitchen cabinets are certainly no exception.   It is not unheard of for people to spend $35,000+ for a kitchen, even in a small apartment.   So how do you find the best deals on kitchen cabinets in New York?   Kitchen design studios are outrageous, the big box stores are more competitively priced, but still expensive and not the greatest quality.   So where to do you turn?   The key is to find the manufacturer or importer and buy them direct.

Let’s face it… almost everything is made or partially made in China, and kitchen cabinets are no exception.  Most kitchen cabinet manufactures, and especially the importers, have some or all of their cabinets manufactured in China.   These are still high quality, all wood cabinets, just at a more reasonable price.  These affordable kitchen cabinets are not usually sold in retail locations, so you may have to shop online or do some research to locate the importer.

Whether you are on a tight budget, or just trying to keep as much money in your pocket as possible, discount kitchen cabinets like RTA Kitchen Cabinets, are the latest trend in the New York market.   So before you go out and buy new cabinets, do a little research into ready-to-assemble cabinets.

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